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I made an error on my FL-100 form (Divorce Application), there asking for settlement aggrement which going to be imposible.

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Are the errors fixable. On the for FL-100 Item #5) I check B instead of A because my soon to be ex & I, don't have any COMMUNITY PROPERTY when we wore together. So what do I need to do to fix this. The clerk at the courthouse just told me to visit online & check out the help desk. So that's why I'm here. Thank you in advance....By the way I'm Pro Per...cause money is tight right now....Thank you for understanding...

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Mistakes and typos happen from time to time, and the Court will understand. If you have not served the documents yet you have a right to Amend the pleadings to fix them by checking the proper box(es). If the documents have already been served, then you should contact the other party and let him/her know what the error was and that you intend to fix it. Final and binding rulings will not come down from the Family Court based upon obvious typos. It is fixable.

As stated above -- I have NOT actually stated any legal opinion, because I need to know more before I can start to form one.


Don't know why a settlement agreement would be impossible. You have the right to file an amended petition, though. If you do this, then you need to make sure the other party is served with the amended petition.


I agree with the previous responses that these types of errors can be fixed by filing an amended petition. The typo on your petition should not be hamper to your ability to settle these matters. If the other side is not willing to agree to allow you to amend the petition, you may need to request the court to allow you to amend the petition.

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You may redo the Petition (FL-100). Mark it "Amended" and file that along with an "Amended Summons.
Then you have to serve the Amended documents on your spouse.

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