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I made a verbal agreement with an auto dealer that they would pick up the 5 remaining lease payments on my car.

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The dealer did not honor this verbal agreement. My wife and I made this agreement with a salesman. The deal was I would lease a new car and as part of the deal they would pick up the remaining payments on my old car. Can I sue in small claims court?

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This is tough and will be tough to prove, as you always want to have your agreements in writing, otherwise, the agreement is "as good as the paper it is written on." You can argue they violated the law by not putting the terms in your contract but it's not going to be easy. Maybe other people have been "taken" by this same tactic? If you find them, that should make your case easier to prove.

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You are right and they are wrong, but proving it will be hard because it's your word against their's if it wasn't written down. If the amount is not too much, yes, you can sue the dealer in your local small claims court.

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