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I made a report on my ex-boyfriend from stealing my identity from the items I made online.

El Monte, CA |

I told the officer I do not want to pressed charges against him. I had confronted with him several times to bring the items back that he took, however he makes excuses like "I'm really busy," "can't talk and hang right up" My ex knows that I'm really emotional type of person and he know my weakness so therefore i can't confroted with him anymore. and I don't want to deal with this situations anymore. I then called back the officer on the next day to I do not want to continue the report and that I would like the case to close. Reason being I still like him and I don't want to let him go and I wanted to give him another chance since we known for over 7 years. and I feel he regret what he had done to make me mad but he learn his lesson. Anyway the officer told me that we have to wait.

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