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I'm wanting to move to a different probation officer said i needed a lawyer is that true?

Houston, TX |

I talked with a lawyer an he said the judge didnt have a problem with but he was leaving it up to the probation office. Is there anything i can do to speed this up.I afraid i might not get my job it they keep putting this off.any information would be highly appreciated.I'm on 5 years defer jud.been on it for 14 months no violitions

i have paid off everything an cleared all classes that i was order to take. the charge was poss with int. to deliver.

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Your question is unclear whether or not you and your attorney went to court formally to petition the court to permit you to leave the state. If you did this already there's probably not too much your going to be able to do; it is unfortunate that the judge in your case has forgotten why people elected him--TO JUDGE AND DECIDE THINGS. If you haven't gone to court get a lawyer and petition the court formally to be permitted to leave the state. There are two ways your leaving can be handled. 1. You might be able to simply leave the state and be permitted to report by phone. 2. The state and county that you are going to be moving to can be contacted to see if they would be willing to accept responsibility to supervise your probation. This latter solution would result in your still being formally supervised by the host state on behalf of your home state. However, be advised that the host state, regardless of what your judge may or may not say about leaving, does not have to accept you as a probationer for supervision. One last option might be to petition the court for earlier discharge from your probation, (presuming that you have paid everything off); this might not be successful though since you are only 14 months into a 5 year probation grant.


You can keep hounding your probation officer but you can't take that job and move until you have his permission of it's back in custody again.


The probation officer works for the court not the other way around. Frankly, it depends on the judge, the crime, and how well you are doing before a judge allows someone to transfer their probation to another state. Lastly, it must be confirmed that the state where you are seeking to be transferred accepts individuals that are in probation for your crime.

Good luck.