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I'm wanting to leave my boyfriend (father of my son), but need to know what rights I have?

Humble, TX |

I have been wanting to leave for quite some time now, but am scared to because my boyfriends mother and him, as well with the rest of his family are trying to take him from me. I gave up working to take care of my son, I live with his father who is the main tenant on the lease, I'm am second. I haven't left because my son is all I have. I watch him 24/7 and his father helps when he gets off work between the hours of 6:30 to 10. Need some advice???

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You need to do some research and try to understand the laws of the State of Texas. There are many websites that cover Texas child support and child custody laws. Unfortunately, I could write volumes on the topic.

You certainly are not the first person to ask these sort of questions. Most people considering separating never thought that they would ever be in this situation. Take a deep breath & start doing some research. You need to take your time and think smart. Do not leave without your child.

Where would I look to find an experienced family law attorney?
I would look on,, and the State Bar of Texas website. There are many attorneys sites so you can “google” family law or divorce attorney & your county.

Many attorneys offer a free consultation either over the phone or in person. Many offer payment plans. Most accept credit cards.

How much should I pay for my family law attorney? An attorney charges based on many factors including their location, their current work load, their overhead (such as rent and staff), their years of practice and if they are board certified. Board certified attorneys usually have a higher hourly rate. If you are on a limited budget, then you need to look for a newly licensed attorney that is not board certified.

There are pro bono (free) legal organizations but these are under-staffed and slow. Check out the State Bar of Texas website for the ones in your county. You are in Humble. I don't know if the 3 law schools in the Houston are would take your case since they only take easy cases for the law school students. But their cases are free.

You might want to check out shelters. Some of them also have access to attorneys (hint, hint.)
It sounds like you might be in an abusive relationship. You might need some help getting your life re-started. Shelters can often provide daycare & training to help you make a better life for you and your child.

Good luck!


Each parent has an equal right to their child under Texas law. You have a right to leave, with your child, but you need to do it the smart way. Talk with a good family law attorney about your rights and options. Call my office 713-807-9405, I do free initial consultations.

Good luck.

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