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I'm trying to rent a home but the man renting the house out is out of state how do I know this isnt a scam?

Twin Falls, ID |

Is there anything legally I can do to make sure my money is secure?

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You don't know for sure unless you1) research the title; or 2) deal with someone local. Within the last 30 days the Times-News ran a story about this activity in our community. Houses that were listed for sale were offered for rent by scammers who charged the typical upfront rent and fees and disappeared. "Renters" learned of the scam when they tried to move in. On the other hand, there are legitimate reasons why a person from elsewhere would have the authority to rent a house, as in an estate situation, for instance. Helpful questions to the out of state party would be "who is the owner, and what is your relationship to the owner." Information about the public record of ownership can be obtained through the Twin Falls County Office of the Assessor, and is searchable by street address.

You are correct to be very careful.

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Eric Brian Swartz

Eric Brian Swartz


You might also hire an attorney to research the owner and the lessor and to advise on the proposed lease agreement and payment terms. Good luck.