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I'm trying to move to Florida from Michigan for a job and I'm on probation for misdemeanor OWI. What's should I do?

East Lansing, MI |

All fines, community service hours, counseling, and other requirements are finished. The sticking point is that I violated by testing positive alcohol halfway through and my prob violation date is 6/27. Can i move by 7/6 or will I be stuck in Michigan and lose out on a job. I have retained a lawyer, but he seems to think that I will need to continue to report to my Michigan PO from Florida on my goings-on and continued test results. I just want this behind me after a year and a half. What say you?

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I would listen to your attorney. You may ask him if the Judge would agree by Motion to transfer your probation out of state to Florida. Good luck.


In my opinion your attorney is correct. You will need to finish your probation and it may be extended - assuming your not violated. Contact a qualified DUI attorney.



The officers recommendation is to extend probation by 3 months. I just want it extended in florida so I can pay off the student loans I've accrued. I just received my bachelors degree while on probation and secured the job in florida. That's why I want to move


Generally it is possible to have probation transferred from one state to another. In your case, however, seeing as there is a violation pending the court may not necessarily agree. You say you have a lawyer, discuss this with him/her. S/he is in the best position to advise and guide you. If you have a good enough reason the judge may allow it (even if it means that you will have to stay in Michigan a little while longer).


It was not clear from your question which court is involved. Most of the local courts use a testing method that the federal government and experts say is unreliable. You did not mention whether you had been drinking. If you had not been drinking, yours may be one of those false positives. I concur in the advice of the other responses of local counsel.
Thomas Rasmusson

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