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I'm trying to find a way to negotiate for a $20 shoplifting charge to be dismissed after classes, or community service, in AZ

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I was grabbed for shoplifting a $20 perfume for my wife on V-day since I'm on fixed SSDI income and the last 3yrs shes gotten nothing and she told me if I didn't find a way to get something she would leave. so I made a mistake and wasn't thinking clearly, not to mention I had just had to have my dog of 11 yrs put down a few hrs b4 the act, so i wasn't thinking. after being stopped. the police came, and found my prescription meds on me, and arrested me for drugs + shoplifting, took me to the station, even after I showed them that I had a valid script for every pill. After two hrs the officer was told by his supers that he had no reason to detain me for drugs. So he took me back to my car with my groceries melting in it, and decided that he wouldnt let me drive and he drove me home

I am 33 yrs old, I have one other shoplifting conviction which was just an accident of walking out of store with a $10 item that I was unaware of among my things, and when I realized I tried to walk back in to return the item and they grabbed me and charged me cuz I had met their shoplifting standards by crossing through the doors b4 realizing my mistake. That conviction I was given no options for a plea, It was either I plead guilty to the original charge and pay a $500 fine plus the 10-20 restitution, or I go thru a trial which would only show that according to the stores policy I was in the wrong. so I chose to pay the fines which I'm having to do comm. serv hrs to pay fines since we can barely make rent each month. I am in the Voc Rehab program for disabled people in AZ and am currently working toward a teaching position in a charter school for next school yr. So I really need to find away to handle this mistake w/o it affecting my chances at getting back to work and improving our lives.

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In my experience, most prosecutors will not offer diversion (classes in exchange for a dismissal) to a defendant who has previously been convicted of the same offense. I have, however, seen it in some circumstances. Please understand that some prosecutors, like those in Peoria Municipal Court, do not offer diversion classes on shoplifting charges.

You will need to discuss the particulars of the case and your circumstances with an attorney. By examining the police report, the charging document, and speaking with you, the attorney will have a much more accurate expectation of the plea possibilities.