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I'm trying to check if I have a warrant for my arrest in NY HOW DO I GO ABOUT CHECKING?

Bronx, NY |

I was told by someone that I had a warrant.. how do I check for free

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The best way to check is by going to the criminal courthouse in the county in which you believe the warrant might be open. There is a clerk's office in each courthouse where you can ask about an open warrant. If you are concerned about going to the courthouse for fear of being incarcerated on the open warrant, an attorney can check for you. If there is an open warrant, I would recommend hiring an attorney to accompany you to court to vacate the warrant.


While I would agree to some degree wih the last posting I would suggest hiring an attorney to find the warrant, and if there is one to return you on that warrant... Which may greatly affect the outcome of any open case.

If you would like to retain an attorney contact us immediately.


I agree with the other attorneys. I would add that though its not for free you can also pull your history and determine what if anything is the status of any cases you may have had. go to this web site and follow the instructions.

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