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I'm still confused about the law. Is it legal to be a foreclosure consultant in Illinois without a law license?

Chicago, IL |

I'm interested in providing services as a foreclosure consultant in Illinois. Do I need a law license to provide this service? Is a law license required to be a distressed property consultant (foreclosure consultant) in Illinois?

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I think most attorneys would tell you that, without a law license or attorney oversight, it is very close to the line of practicing law without a license. I would not recommend it, since, without a lawyer, there is little you can do about the foreclosure proceeding.


You've asked this before, and my answer was most likely, but you give no indication of the kind of "consulting" that you would propose offering. And even if you did, the likelihood is that before long, you'd wind up in an area requiring one or another kind of license.


Simply google search your issue. When I answered your other question, I found tons of information on foreclosure consultants in Illinois. (Note, your prior question was whether being a foreclosure consultant in IL allowed you to help others in all 50 states, that answer to that question is no), but it does appear that IL has specific regulations authorizing foreclosure consultants, so you just need to figure it out.


Illinois has a mortgage fraud rescuers act that specifically outlines who can or cannot provide foreclosure assistance. It contains a carve out exemption for lawyers and real estate agents and mortgage brokers. Over the last few years the Illinois Attorney Generals Office is cracking down on foreclosure specialists and continues to keep an eye out for volume scammers including attorneys.

Read the act. It covers sale leasebacks of distressed residential properties and foreclosure consultants.

Things to be aware of:
- Don't practice law!!
- Dont go to court for anyone
- Find a good lawyer to refer whomever your helping
- Dont ignore the foreclosure case.