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I'm seriously ill. Emergency treat me like a joke. I need tests done and they say I'm mental cause I said I have stomach worms.

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I need them to help me. I am so sick but they laugh and wont help me. I had been working in bad conditions, the perfect place to pick these parasites up. I never go to Dr unless I'm really sick. I know what is going on with me. I have studied these since I realized I had them, and I know that they are causing my illness. I have severe sudden weight loss, plus several. more symptoms I rather not mention. Been to emergency 2 x without help. They are treating me like crap, like I'm crazy and they would not even listen to my symptoms. I also had proof of worms and they would not run test for them. I just left. I really need help bad, can I make them test me for this. They torture me with their rudeness. My condition is serious now, I'm scared, need help

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I am very sorry you are going through such a difficult situation. Emergency rooms are not an ideal forum for diagnosis of a long-term condition, as their primary goal is to stabilize your condition in an emergency. You may want to seek a general practitioner in an office setting.


You should post your questions on the medical side of Avvo.

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Please, let me make myself a little more clear. Im sorry if I truly am in the wrong place. I am sick as I said earlier, I am worried because I have let this get out of hand. I am familiar with all the aspects of my condition. I am now totally run down, I have lost 13 lbs. in one week. I am now having lung problems also that coincide with all the other symptoms Im experiencing. These things can kill me, I am getting worse and worse. All I want is to be tested, so that I can receive treatment before it goes any farther. I need to ask if I can legally go to emergency, explain my symptoms, and demand that they at least go by the Health Depts. instructions that they offer Drs. and Laboratorys as to diagnose, test, and treat intestinal parasites. They offer step by step, complete instructions to healt care who are not familiar, (which most arent) with intestinal parasites . May I demand the Dr. to test me and refer me to a Dr. who is familiar with this when a positive diagnosis comes back? I need medical attention and have gone to e.r. 2 x. I need them to take me seriously. Please believe when I say that I KNOW I have this condition. Its real obvious and I can prove it several ways if they would just let me. How unethical is it to be treated the way I have been. I dont want to sue them, just get help to get well. I need legal advice I believe. I feel helpless. Plus, there is no medical side of Avvo anymore. Its now Healthtap, and Ive been there, I just get general info. It doesnt answer my question.


Ask you question on a medical forum.


I'm sorry to hear about this. Best bet is to post this on Avvo Health (the medical side of Avvo). Good luck.

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