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I'm seeking advice regarding selecting the best DUI defense lawyer for a 2nd time offense in City of Dunwoody; Dekalb Georgia.

Dunwoody, GA |

I received a DUI recently (2nd in 10 years; 3rd lifetime) and I'm having a hard time narrowing down who to meet with and best represent my case. I refused the breathalyzer; however did take (and fail) the field sobriety. I have been told that George Stein is very good as well as Andrew Hall, Richard Lawson & Mike LaScala. Does anyone have any insight. I believe at this time its imperative for me to choose a lawyer who is proficient in DUIs as well as well connected/respected in the City of Dunwoody, Dekalb County, court system.

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Here is a directory of attorneys with websites:


If you want the man who literally wrote the book on GA DUI Defense, get Bubba Head. You will pay upwards of $10,000, but you will get the best defense money can buy.
If you want a more reasonable defense, look to attorneys like myself who get great results, but don't charge nearly as much because we don't have huge advertising and other overhead expenses. And as far as George Stein is concerned, you will most likely not be represented by him personally, but rather by someone who works for him.

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