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I'm renting a house. Sump pump failure caused damage to my personal property. My renter's insurance paid the claim but........

Rahway, NJ |

They only paid up to the maximum amount available on my policy . This payment only covered about 30 percent of my provable losses.

Is the landlord ( or his homeowners policy) responsible for the rest? If so- what is the best way to expedite credit for this? Ask him to submit a claim to his insurance company or ask for rent abatement due to the malfunction of HIS equipment? The landlord has a track record of ignoring home maintenance issues and doing shoddy repairs without permits and often without licensed professionals when required by law to do so.


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How did the sump pump fail? Bad unit or power failure due the hurricane Sandy? If it was due to Sandy I do not think you will be successful in suing your landlord. If a bad unit then contact a local attorney.

Good luck.

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Can you show that the sump pump failure was LL's fault or he was aware of the problem?


A LL is not responsible for your personal stuff. Moreover, if the pump did not work because of lack of power it was out of your LL's control.