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I’m paying my child support, and it is not auto withdrawn from my paycheck instead we agreed that I would pay $600 per child.

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1.In case my ex will change her mind and decide to auto withdraw from my paycheck, what is the percentage in WA state that I should pay per child. Is it 10% or 20% or it depends on the pay you’re getting? Is there a max limit that she can get?
2.I frequently change my jobs do I have to inform my ex every time as of how much I’m getting paid?

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How much a parent pays in basic child support depends on the parents' incomes, how many children are in the household, and how old the child is. Those are the major factors. There are numerous other more minor factors.

You can get an estimate of what the basic child support is by using the free online child support calculator. The more accurate the information you input into the calculator, the more accurate the result will be. The calculator is at .

The court may require that the parents provide their respective income tax returns and other documents with each other every year. However, unless the court orders the exchange there is no requirement that you share you pay information.

Parents will often argue what deductions, credits, and incomes are to be used in the calculation.

You run a risk that the court will not credit the payments you made to the mother if she claims you made no payment.

You should review the specific facts with your attorney to find out your legal options.



thanks for the answer I checked the site as well as The confusion is the math says if example total net income of both parents 10000 then it would be 1020 per child if two kids. The confusion is, what if custodian parent makes 6k a month and noncustodian 4k. How much does non custodian parent (father) should pay?

Douglas R Barnes

Douglas R Barnes


All things being equal the calculation at the end will represent a 60% - 40% allocation of the total support obligation, that being the non-custodian parent paying $816 in total support. There many other factors to be considered other than just straight income. You would be wise to consult a family law attorney with the specifics of your case.