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I'm on house arrest, will I get drug tested even if my offense wasn't drug/alcohol related?

Minneapolis, MN |

I just got on house arrest, I know I can't drink, but I have smoked marijuana within the last few weeks. The offense happened in hennepin county and did the EHM through plymouth workhouse. They didn't drug test me there but I'm wondering if someone will come to my house at any given time? I'm currently in dakota county as well. In the paperwork that I received, it didn't say anything about using drugs/alcohol and i'm on paper probation (i think) I wasn't given a p.o name and never was told I had to meet with one. Thanks!

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Attorney answers 2


Many EHM programs include an alcohol monitoring component. However, they usually do not test for drug use. So long as your probation does not include a no use or testing provision, you should not worry about someone showing up to test you.


The best advice for you is to stop committing crimes while you are on probation....smoking marijuana is illegal. Although there is a good chance that you might not be drug tested by someone randomly showing up at your home, it is still not worth the risk of the consequences you could potentially face. I wish you the best of luck.