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I'm on DUI probation and have to drop randoms, what if my voicemail is full when my PO calls? Can that be a VOP?

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If you know there's a possibility of having issues with your voicemail, be diligent in deleting them to keep yourself from violating for such an easily avoidable & foreseeable issue. No one can predict with absolute certainty how a PO will respond, but not being able to reach you could easily cause a problem for you.

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Yes it could be a violation.


I agree with Mr. Ladan. However it appears the real issue is the fact you are afraid to test positive and you believe if you avoid your PO calls you can avoid the random UA. If you are not in counseling, or even if you completed it, I would suggest you get more. If you are doing drugs while on probation, you very well could have a problem.

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If the probation says they can't get a hold of you, they could consider it a violation. It would be up to the judge to agree and sign a VOP warrant. Do yourself a favor and clear out your voice mail. Don't give the PO any reason to violate you. Review my website to see if it answers any question you may have.


Depends on whether the court finds the violation "willful". If your voicemail is always full and your PO makes a record of it you may have a tougher time at a violation hearing than if your voice mail occasionally fills up.

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For purposes of probation, failure to appear for a drug test is the same as having a positive drug test. If you had a scheduled drug test and your PO was unable to reach you, you may have a violation pending if he filed a warrant.

You may want to contact a criminal defense attorney to get in touch with the PO to see if there is a warrant pending and if not, could a warrant be prevented.

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