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I'm not US citizen. However, I'm a Green Card holder. Can I collect full unemployment benefits in the event I'm laid off/fired?

Salem, MA |
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Yes. You a a legal permanent resident fully permitted to work in the U.S. and as a result, you can collect full unemployment if you qualify. Most times, if you are fired you will not be eligible for unemployment but it would not be because you are a legal permanent resident.

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Thank you Attorney Cardenas! I thought being fired was one of the things that most happen in order to be eligible. Fired as opposed of quiting.


Yes, you definitely can.

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Your immigration status won't be an issue if you apply for unemployment. In case of getting fired, to state the matter somewhat differently from attorney Cardenas, the employer would need to prove that you were substantially at fault in order for you to be disqualified from benefits.

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