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I'm not sure what to do. I don't know if I am still on probation or if there is a warrant for my arrest. PO wont call me back.

Marietta, GA |

PO told me I would be off probation on a certain date if I completed all requirements by that date. She said she would call me to confirm receipt of documentation and didn't. A month later, the date arrived and no phone call. I went to office 2 days after "end date" and was drug tested. no problem, I don't drink or use drugs. Called back 2 days later as told to and no answer, so left message. I missed a call from her a week later with no voice mail and call right back within 5 min. No answer, left voice mail. Left new voice mail once a week for over a month afterward and no call back. Had appointment scheduled just in case for 1 1/2 months after the "end date." I THINK it is next week, not sure though b/c wont call back. Was told that maybe wont call back b/c warrant issued. Why?

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I can certainly understand your frustration. Unfortunately, you are not off probation until a judge signs an order to that effect if it is shorter than your original sentence. You could have been transferred to non-reporting probation which is really just a reduced amount of supervision while you serve out the rest of your sentence. Lastly to ease your mind, probation officers are often overworked by how many cases they have to supervise. If your po went on maternity or medical leave, she may not be returning calls. You can actually write a letter documenting your attempts to contact them and send it by fax or certified mail. Since I do not the specific facts of your situation or even which probation office you are dealing with, I cannot be of more help. If you would like to discuss it further, please contact my office.


I tell clients to go to the probation office and sit there until their P.O. comes in. I would skip the phone calls. Probation officer rarely call anyone back, including lawyers.


Do not presume anything at this point. You need to talk with your PO's supervisor & explain that you have had a difficult time reaching your PO and that you need clarification on the status of your probation.