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I'm looking for basic information of the different courts in Fort Lauderdale.

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In what specific courts do arraingments for misdemeanors and felonies occur? How are these cases sent on to the Grand Jury? Is there a city court?

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Generally speaking, in Broward County, the Grand Jury is used primarily for cases where the charge is First Degree Murder or where a law enforcement officer has been accused of a crime. Arraignments for misdemeanors are handled in County Court; for felonies in Circuit Court. Jury trials are held only at the main courthouse in downtown Fort Lauderdale. There is a Fort Lauderdale City Prosecutor's Office. They charge Municipal Ordinance violations and prosecute their cases in County Court.


I'm not sure I understand your question, but the websites for the Broward County courts and clerk might help.

Here's the link to the courts -
Here's the link to the clerk -

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