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I'm looking for a Harris Country Texas attorney that is big on father's rights. Looking to replace current attorney.

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Temp orders were given. My previous attorney blew it. Several things he made mistakes on. Even though I filed, I'm now playing catch up to her attorney who is ruthless. Much at stake! I don't believe she is a fit mom, and no I'm not trying to seek revenge. There was family violence and known medical issues that cause seizures. Looking to meet ASAP as this is urgent to me.

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We're really supposed to be answering questions on this forum, rather than seeking clients. But it does seem like you have already made up your mind that you need to upgrade. That happens all the time, and you should try to find the best attorney your budget allows. You can email or call me today, or any of the other excellent attorneys that you can find here.

This information is not legal advice and does not form an attorney-client relationship.


Since I only mediate these days and am not looking for private clients, here is my advice.

You need to look on this excellent website and find an attorney that you "connect" with.

Quite frankly, most family law attorneys are "father's rights" attorneys. Most family law attorneys represent 50% male clients. Texas laws are written gender neutral. Many fathers make excellent primary care givers. In order for a father to receive primary custody, a dad has to be top notch, have a good support system, be willing to spend the money to litigate to the bitter end, and mom has to mess up. Also mom has to be a "crummy" witness. You might want to ask for an amicus attorney to represent the children's interests -- they are expensive but usually worth it.

That said, if you are in Harris County, it will depend what judge you are in front of. Some of the judges just favor mothers -- especially if the children are young. If the family violence was solely between the parents, it was minor and it only happened one time then the judges won't take it "too seriously" - especially if both parties sustain injuries. If the children were involved, that is a different matter.

I will defend your current attorney, no two cases are every the same. Family law is not a simple area of the law. Family law attorneys need to be able to weave and dodge. What you consider "mistakes" might not really be a big deal in the overall case. If there was a hearing, it is possible that the judge did not like your testimony -- that is not your attorney's fault. Plus, you are probably "stuck" for the time being with these temporary orders -- hiring a new attorney is not going to get you new temporary orders! Judges don't like having to re-consider temp. orders unless there has been an "emergency" to make them reconsider their current oder.

So look on this website and call around. Many offer a free consultation. It sounds like you need an attorney with some years of experience and an attorney that primarily does family law.

When it is all said and done, you will probably be sent to mediation to settle your case! What no one tells people is that 95% of all cases end at or before mediation! Most people just cannot afford to litigate a case to trial or a jury trial.

I hope this information is helpful.

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Ms. Brochstein has provided you with excellent advice. In addition, I would look for a family law attorney who is Board Certfied in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal specialization. If you replace your current attorney, you need to have an indepth discussion with the attorneys you interview to make sure both of you will be able to work together. This is a difficult area of the law and the luck of the draw regarding which judge has the case should not be underestimated.

Fran Brochstein

Fran Brochstein


Steven - I agree - understanding the judge is vital in family law cases. Each judge's interpretation of TX Family law can be "unique". I hope you are enjoying (or at least surviving) this "hot" Houston weather!

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