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I'm living abroad... best grounds for filing for continuance?

Philadelphia, PA |

I was impleded as an addtl def. in a PI case. The injury occurred over 2 yrs ago. I had no involvement with the events surrounding the injury. I was impleded b/c we leased the property at which the injury occurred the year BEFORE. I am living in Germany until the end of this summer.

I was initially named in a separate complaint, which was then joined to the other defendants ~2 wks ago. Discovery has to be completed in <2 wks. I would like to file a motion for continuance. What are my best grounds?

Surprise? I had no idea this was coming when I decided to move abroad, case was recently joined

Absence of counsel? I cannot afford one. No free legal services available b/c I live abroad

Just the fact that I am living abroad?

Thanks much for your time and assistance!

something weird happened when I published this question... The question should read, "discovery has to be completed in 2 weeks, and I would like to file a motion of continuance. What are my best grounds?"

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You are in a tough situation at minimum you need to let plaintiffs counsel know, but you really need an attorney did you have auto insurance or any insurance for that matter. You may be able to get some help that way or see what you can find in way of information online regarding this issue. You need to do something fast. I would do a search on the AVVO to see if an attorney in the local of the suit may help.

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Law schools have pro bono programs, call one for assistance.

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Did they serve you before you left? You need to find way to pay for legal help, or run the risk of an adverse outcome.


First, had your lease expired or terminated before thie incident which lead to the lawsuit. If so call the plaintiffs lawyer and tell him that and mail him the proofs to all the lawyers involved. Ask them to let you out of the case once they see the proofs. If they will not call the arbitration center. They are very helpfull to Pro Se parities. Tell them your story and that you are out of the county untill the fall and ask if they can they help you file a continuance. I believe they will help you. 215-686-9590

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