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I'm in"testing and interview"status in USCIS website 80days ago, How long I have to wait for the interview dates in ATLANTA?

Atlanta, GA |

I field my case by marriage from July 12th .Biometrics done at Charleston SC August 13th, I've already got my EAD,AP card. Interview date notice yet!!!
Even if I receive a notice tomorrow it will be after a month so the total time it will be 5 months!

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Stop checking that system is a waste of time.

You will get an interview notice in the mail before that thin is updated.

They will schedule your interview around 7-10 months after filing.

Relax ... you have your work permit.

Also, if there is any reason that you are concerned (ie: you entered as a tourist & quickly got married, or violated your non-immigrant status) you might find a better use of this time would be to meet with an attorney.

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i was 2 month here before i got married, then after 2 months of marriage i filed my AOS,i really worry if i'm not here for the holidays(thinking to visit my family for christmas)if i don't receive yet my date notice,if that shows 'NOT GOOD ' for my interview???


The Atlanta Field Office is currently working on cases filed on or before April 3, 2013. So, you are probably three or so months away from having an interview.

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