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I'm in counseling, and have SSI for mental issues. Will they put me in jail?

Bement, IL |

I was put on probation cause of an ALLEDGED assault and battery. They couldn't find any evidence. So, I was ordered to do UPS but I couldn't cause of my issues. I have severe depression, anxiety, panic disorder and many others. Will the judge throw me in jail if I don't finish all the community service?! Please help! I can't go there! Will they give me another chance?!

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You need help by someone local. A lawyer, whether private or legal aid, can help you present all those issues to the court and help you stay out of jail.

This is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. It is absolutely NOT legal advice that you should rely upon when making a decision. It is general information about the law in Connecticut. You need to consult with an attorney who will ask you all the facts necessary to give you specific legal advice for your situation.


You need an experienced criminal defense attorney. Your attitude won't help you. If you were put on probation, you were convicted by proof beyond a reasonable doubt/ So the assault and battery were PROVEN not alledged. You agreed to community service as a condition of probation and apparently did none. No judge will be too sympathetic to someone who just blows off a court order. A good criminal lawyer MIGHT get you a second chance.

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The initial police report said that "Victim shows no signs of trauma, except for red mark on right arm"


Counsel Rothschild gave you the only reasonably applicable answer: you must have an experienced criminal defense attorney to present the above cited mitigating factors in the most favorable light to lessen the impact of the pending criminal charges against you. Will you serve time? That will depend on many factors and one of them is a skilled criminal defense attorney.

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