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I'm going to file a Petition to Remove Executor as pro se but the matter is very unique and need advice on how to file.

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I'm a beneficiary. The estate attorney's license has been suspended for many months. The executor refuses to communicate. Based on all that, do I / should I give the UPL estate attorney a filed marked copy of the petition to remove executor? Do I / should I also give the uncooperative executor a file marked copy if he told me to never contact him again, but to only go through the UPL estate attorney? I plan to file a grievance against the UPL attorney at the same time I file the petition to remove the executor. Should I state in the petition to remove executor that the attorney is UPL? So far I won't hoping the executor uses that UPL attorney during the hearing in which case I will disclose it then and the judge should side with me quickly.

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I answered the companion question already. The more unique the situation, the more you need a lawyer. If you can't resolve this informally and need to ask for court intervention, you can't do it yourself. Probate practice is very technical.

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I have tried hiring several lawyers, all of whom have proven to be very incompetent. I am unable to find a competent lawyer in Arkansas so far. What I mean by incompetent is the inability to answer simple questions and unwillingness to research.


At this point, you need to consult with a local probate attorney for guidance and direction with your matter, based on your facts. There are simply not enough facts here to thoroughly review your situation..

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