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I'm going to a seperation, and my wife left me while I was on military duty. I am trying to pay for my house, and I'm going to

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use my TSP, but I also need my wife signiture, and I have giving this to her to be sign and notorize. She is taking her sweet old time doing this, when this is my money., and she is causing me to be late. Is there any way I can get a letter for the TSP to not have her signature, and can I go after her to also pay half of this?

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First, any money put into the TSP during the marriage is marital property that is subject to division in a divorce. That is the reason that the TSP Board requires the spouse's signature. You can go to court and seek entry of an Order.

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This is not true, my wife abandon me. left me with nothing in my house that my VA bill that I earned not her. She took things that didn't belong to her. Also stated that she doesn't want any of my retirement money or anything, and that goes for me also

Mary G. Commander

Mary G. Commander


You need to meet with a lawyer to discuss how the law applies to the facts of your situation.

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