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I'm getting married to someone who has back and current child support. Can this effect my credit, and can they take money?

Lancaster, CA |

I want to be able to continue with my good credit and be able to buy a house. We currently have separate bank accounts and are planning to file our taxes separetly. The state will deplete his bank accounts without notice. Are they able to do this to me if I have a separate account?

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You'll need to be VERY careful, and to have a premarital agreement drafted by an experienced family law attorney. You'll need to make sure that if you buy a house, your soon-to-be-husband's name is NOT on title.

In terms of your over-all financial picture once you get married, there's 10% annual interest running on his overdue support, which under the current economic conditions, is quite a penalty; he should get any arrears paid off sooner rather than later, if at ALL possible.