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I'm getting married in about 6 days and just found out that i have a two year old warrant what should i do?

Colorado Springs, CO |

i called the probation department and said my bond would be $2500 and i should turn myself in but i might take a couple of weeks to see the judge and get out. I have already paid for the wedding and flew family out(now I'm broke) will i get arrested. We are getting married by an Ordain Minister and then file our license through the dmv.

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If it has gone on this long (2 years) without you being arrested, it is unlikely that you will be arrested within the next two weeks. However, it is possible. I would hire a criminal defense attorney in the Springs to help you out. I normally recommend to Clifton Black or Brian Boal. They can tell you how to turn yourself in either before or after the wedding and the possibilities of getting a major bond reduction or a PR bond. I believe both attorneys offer free initial consultations. Congratulations on your wedding.

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William A. Jones Jr.

William A. Jones Jr.


Excellent advice from a very qualified criminal defense attorney in your state. I wish to urge you strongly to at least engage in the first step of a consultation before your wedding day, so that some (hopefully most) of your anxiety can be reduced so that you can enjoy the blessed event. Good luck.


Attorney LeRoi is on point. You are what is proverbially said to have a hobson's choice so to speak. If you surrender immediately then you may not get out soon enough to be at your own wedding. If you wait, it is possible you could be arrested at or just after r your wedding. I trust you have disclosed this information to your going to be husband. Contact a criminal defense attorney for help. I would not place too much credence on probation's estimate on you seeking the Judge after arrest. All the Best

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I agree with both of the previous posters. Your first step should be to hire an attorney. It seems that from your question, you are concerned that the warrant will be found because you have or will file a marriage license through the DMV. I would say this is not your main concern. IF the warrant is yours (mistakes do happen from time to time), you could be arrested on it at anytime. You do not want that to happen, you do not want to be arrested and then at the mercy of the jail, judge, and having to have family members scrambling to determine bail and/or hire an attorney on your behalf.
Prepare yourself and make arrangements to surrender yourself on your terms and when you are ready. The best way to minimize this and any potential custody time - hire an attorney.

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