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I'm filling I130 for my wife,she issued a new passport and the spelling of her first name has been changed would it be a problem

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My wife's previous passport's first name was miss spilled in English though the first name is as is in the original language, and the last name used in her previous passport is the third name (grandfathers name) while the last name used in all her other documents is the fifth name (great grandfathers name) so she asked them in the immigration and passport authority "abroad" to change the spelling of her first name and add the fifth name in her new passport so that it matches other documents such as our marriage certificate, her college certificate , birth certificate, ID,etc.. So i want to fill the i130 and there is a question that says " Other names used before" am i supposed to put the name of the previous passport and provide supporting document to explain why and how we changed it ?

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Yea list it. You don't have to explain it unless they ask at interview.

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Include the spelling you want to see on the GC as first and the other in the parenthesis .

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Put the other names. Be prepared to explain and document if asked.

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