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I'm filling for an uncontested divorce because I can't afford a lawyer and me and my husband agree on the divorce.

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We have no children, we been married for 6months and I'm gonna file it under no fault ground..I got the uncontested form and find it really complicated even with the intructions because there are so many steps and things to file and I don't want to waste $335 if I make a mistake...I was wondering if there someone that can do the procedure for you for at least $100? Can a public notary do it?

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Unfortuantely a notary public cannot do this for you. There are some attorneys who handle uncontested divorces for a small fee and the filing fees which you should look into. Also check with neighborhood legal clinics and County Bar Associations . You can also go to the "pro se" clerk's office and have then help you with the forms.


No, a notary can not fill out your divorce papers for you.

You're right that the process is complicated. But a truly uncontested divorce usually is not, even when it's handled by an attorney.


Unfortunately, a notary public cannot complete the necessary documents for you. Many attorney do assist clients in uncontested divorces for a simple flat fee.


There are several notary publics who claim to be able to help litigants complete the uncontested divorce paperwork and navigate the divorce process. These people charge "small fees" that are enticing compared to the fees attorneys charge for their services, however, these people are not legally trained and cannot provide you with proper legal advice. If you are unable to afford an attorney at this point, perhaps you can save your earnings to retain one in the not so distant future. If that is not an option visit the "pro-se" office in your county and you will be provided with an extensive packet with step-by-step instructions. Just note that court staff is not able to provide you with legal advice.

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