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I'm filing for a Fancie Visa . My Fancie is in prison at the moment . Is that a problem ?

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My finance is in prison right now . He will be free in August and he will work within a couple of weeks for work release . Is this a problem for filing our Visa ?

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More information is needed. Depending on why your fiance is in prison and how he entered the USA he may not be eligible to adjsust status. Secondly your fiance probablyhas an immigration hold in which case he will not be released. He will be transferred to an immigration detention center once released from prison. In this case he can only adjust or present a defense to removal to an immigration judge.
Before the court can consider whether to allow your fiance to adjust you must be married and have an approved Alien Relative Petition. It is very unlikely that the court will allow a continuance for you to get married and file an I-130 then wait until it is approved.
Whether your fiance will be entitled to bond from ICE or the Immigration Judge also depends on facts that you have not provided.


Probably. For him to sponsor you, he has to file an affidavit support and prove to the service that he can support you financaially.

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The question isn't clear. Is the fiancee who is currently in prison the U.S. citizen or the foreign national? If the U.S. citizen, then there is the affidavit of support issue as pointed out by my colleague. There is also the question of what he was convicted of, because if it is a crime that falls under the Adam Walsh Act, he wouldn't be allowed to petition for a foreign national.

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