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I'm Facing Four Felonies Grand Larceny, Conspiracy To Commit Grand Larceny,Stolen Prop Wit Intent To Sell Conspiracy To Sell

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I Only Have Have Petty Larceny, Public Indecency, And Possession Of Marijuana On My Record. What Could I Expect Come Court Date?...I Have A Court Appointed But Hes Of NO HELP! Doesn't Even Return My Phone Calls. Although He Got The Grand Larceny Noelle Processed Once Before. But The Charges Were Bough Back Up. I Have A Newborn And Just Got Married And Have 2 Jobs. What Can I Do At This Point ?

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These are very serious charges and it is very hard to give you an anticipated disposition or insight into how your case is going to go. These case are highly fact specific. Looking at the charges and your background, you are looking at penitentiary time ranging from 6 month to 3 years (this is a modest estimate - please do not rely on this as being an accurate guideline range). You need to discuss this with your lawyer and go over the case with him. He's the one helping you through this. If the prosecutor can not prove it or there are other issues with the case, the expected outcome may be better.

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You need to consult with a local criminal defense attorney right away. It sounds like your appointed attorney has done good work for you thus far and maybe you need to follow up with him more aggressively. There is nothing he could have done to have stopped the charges from coming back. It is good that you don't have a felony on your record, but having some convictions will play into a sentence if you are convicted, especially the court may look at you as having "graduated" from petit larceny to a more serious grand larceny.

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