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I'm being sued for an auto accident that was my fault. What's the worst that could happen?

Tracy, CA |

I was involved in an auto accident that was my fault as I was driving at 5 miles over the speed limit , and rear - ended the other party . My car was toled , apparently I pushed her into another vehicle which fled the scene . The only damage that I noticed at the time was to her rear bumper area which is where I impacted . graduated high school in 2011 , I am unemployed , have never had a paying job , attend community college on financial aid from the school , and have to do house cleaning and yard work in exchange for housing and food . I am insured , however the other party is asking ( a quarter of a million dollars ) for more than what my insurance covers . What's the worst that could happen to me ?

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The absolute worst case scenario would be backrupcy. Unlikely. Just cooperate with your insurance company. You'll be fine. Good luck.

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I agree with Mr. Adams. Just let your insurance company handle it, and make sure to be cooperative with them. Don't worry about worst case just yet.


Report the claim to your insurance company if you haven't already. They have a duty to defend you. Just because the other party is asking for a huge settlement does not necessarily mean they have a case to substantiate a settlement this large.


Report this to your insurance carrier immediately.

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I'm sorry to hear about this. Simply report this to your insurance company, and let them resolve it. Don't lose any sleep over it. Good luck.

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The attorney for the other side is working on a contingency basis, so I am sure that through his investigation, the attorney knows that you do not own any assets beyond the recovery from your insurance. It is possible that the other party has a very high under insurance coverage ($250,000) which would explain why they are asking for such a large sum. Once they collect your policy limit, they will ask you to attest that you do not have any assets, which will allow them to collect from his own policy. Good luck.

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