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I'm being sued for a personal loan taken out in 2006 by myself and another person. I have since acquired a credit repair lawyer.

Fairfax, VA |

my court date is in a couple of days do I still appear? and if so, what do I do?

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You should consult with your credit repair lawyer. Does their representation include filing an answer and defending the lawsuit? You may want to get a second opinion of what credit repair is and what good is it if you are getting garnished in the meantime.
There are many excellent attorneys who defend collection lawsuits. Also, bankruptcy may be an option to stop the lawsuit, get your discharge, and rebuild your credit on your own.
Civil lawsuits are less about "appearing" and more about filing an answer or other responsive pleading so as to prevent a default judgment from being entered.

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Speak to your attorney. That is why he or she is there for. While you may be worried about paying for the phone call with the attorney, you will get the answer from your attorney who you already put your trust in by retaining him or her. Good luck in your matter.

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I agree with the previous two answers. Get in contact with your "credit repair" attorney immediately. They can best advise you relative to your "court date" in a couple of days, Generally speaking, you should always carefully review any papers or documents that come from the courts or opposing attorneys. Respond immediately to any allegations that you disagree with. Attend all hearings unless represented by counsel. But first and foremost, be sure to seek the advise of competent legal counsel in your local area. Good Luck!


Dear Fairfax - yes show up for court otherwise you will lose automatically.