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I'm being sued by a credit card company. The want a letter or answer w/n 35 days. How detailed do I make the letter?

Lexington, OK |

I don't have the money and do not own anything. I live for free in a efficiency my parents built. I am making payments to about five other credit cards that are delequent or with law firms. My husband is ill with a progressive condition and his medications and doctor expenses tend to make us have to borrow from family to make ends meet. My parents already help with food and bills at times. I am trying to make my debts right but I can't do it all and some of the debtors are not willing to take my offer of approximately $100 a month and they may sue us as well. Prior to last fall my husband was in charge of the bills and he quite frankly got us into trouble and I was ignorant and had my head in the sand. I'm not trying to pass the blaim but I need help please. Thank you.

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If you have been sued you need to answer the complaint. Otherwise you will get a default judgment against you and your husband. You may want to call the credit card companies to try to work out a compromise. If you can't pay these companies you can always consider bankruptcy. While this would harm your credit for several years, it would stop the phone calls and the court would either eliminate the debt or help you work out a payment structure with each company. Your first step should be to hire a lawyer to draft a very simple answer to the complaint (pay him/her hourly) so that you don't get a default judgment against you.