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I'm being charged with a PC 594 (A) / (B) (2) (a) M What does this mean in California? And what could the possible sentence?

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My question is what am I being charged with under Penal Code 594? I kicked a door out of emotional distress.

In CA, what kind of sentencing can I face for causing property damage?

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California PC 594 (A) and (B) is defined as malicious destruction of property. The possible sentence for destruction of property with malicious intent is up to a year in the county jail and/or a fine.

This is a California vandalism law under Penal Code 594 PC. It involves vandalism and graffiti law. Under this law you are prohibited from maliciously causing damage to others’ property.
Even though it is considered a misdemeanor, in CA this is a crime that is taken seriously. Vandalism convictions, even minor ones, can result in stiff penalties such as fines are jail time.

The penalty you will face in CA for destruction of property depends on the dollar value of the property damage.


The sentence for malicious destruction of property varies depending on the circumstances of the case and any criminal history. Payment of restitution is often a big factor in these types of cases.

Also, even if no driving was involved, one can suffer a 1 yr. driver license suspension. It's in my area, so feel free to contact me for a consultation if you want legal representation.


This is vandalism. You need an attorney. A one year license suspension attaches to this charge.
You could also get jail time. It appears that you are being charge with a misdemeanor- fine and jail time up to one year. Get an attorney.

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