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I'm applying for a job. I want to know have I been convicted of a crime if my charges state: see below

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Disp--Nolle Prossed and Adjudication withheld plea-- not guilty
I want to be sure how to answer this question on the application. Does this final decision mean that i was convicted of a crime? Please help


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The final decision, as you have presented it, means that you were not convicted of a crime. Make sure that you properly review your application to ensure that the question only asks for convictions. There are various employment applications that call for arrests, in addition to convictions.

Benjamin Fernandez, Esq.


No, you were not convicted. "Nolle Prossed" means the State dropped the charge and a withhold of adjudication means you were not convicted of the charge. Good luck with your job search.

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No, you have not been convicted of a crime. If the question on the application is "Have you ever been convicted, then you can truthfully answer "no."


A nolle prosse means that the State dropped your charges. A "withhold of adjudication" means that although the charges appear on your record, you were not convicted of those charges. Had you been convicted of the charges, your criminal record would instead state "adjudication".

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