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I'm a student pursuing career in accounting, how will this affect my career and future employment ? Can it be expunged ? How?

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Im 25 yrs old and married. im seeking employment with fear i will not land any jobs. I currently have no prior criminal record. I was given DWI (1st offense) and open container. License suspended (90 days). Accepted sobriety test ( approximate. .14) misdeameanor. Should I get my own lawyer to have it removed or settle with court appointed in order to have it deleted or would he just drop it to a class c, and if dropped to class C will is still affect employment and school? Or should I just wait to see judge in a few months when I receive letter in mail. What should I do meanwhile ? I have no license ? Your advice is immensely considered and appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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You might want to contact a local DWI attorney, many offer free consultations and can advise you on specific facts of your case. In many states, you have 10 days after your arrest to challenge the DMV suspension of your license. Likely, that has already passed, but after 30 days of your 90 day suspension you will likely be able to seek, from the DMV, a hardship license or business purpose only license. This will allow you to drive to and from work, school, church, etc. while your criminal case is pending. A Misdemeanor DWI doesn't look good on your record but don't make too much of it for now, it will not ruin your life or future career. Most employers are concerned with felonies and crimes of dishonesty (like thefts). Depending on your state rules, you may even get a withhold of adjudication if you end up taking a plea deal or lose at trial. In many states you can seek an expungement some time after the conviction and sentence. The process of seeking expungement usually involves an application to the state police authority, a certification from them that you qualify, then a motion to the court requesting expungement, and hopefully, followed by an order from the court granting the expungement. You should contact a local Texas lawyer that specializes in DWI and mention some of these things to see if available in Texas.


DWIs are technical cases and there are many ways to beat them. You need to hire an attorney experienced with DWIs immediately. Your first deadline expires fifteen days from arrest. It will not be reduced to a class C. It could possibly refiled as a different class B offense that you could do deferred on, but this is unlikely given your breath test score. You need to start calling attorneys NOW.

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You need to hire a criminal defense attorney in your area ASAP to represent you and defend these charges. Counsel will advise you on the best way to proceed and if there are any options to avoid a conviction. Good luck.

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In Texas, generally if you are out on bond, the court is not going to give you a court appointed attorney. So you need to hire a DWI defense attorney now. Depending on when you were a requested you or your attorney may be able to request an ALR hearing to keep your license from being suspended by DPS. More importantly, you need an attorney to defend you against the DWI charges. In Texas, a DWI charge even a 1st offense is a serious offense with potentially serious consequences if convicted.


You need to hire an experienced DWI attorney. With a .14 result only an experienced attorney can have a chance of beating the case.

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Please hire a qualified DWI defense lawyer of your choice. Only a lawyer familiar with both the law, and the facts of your case, can answer your questions. The lawyer can discuss strategy and the propensities of the judge and prosecutor. Please note the important deadlines the other lawyers discussed. They are unforgiving. Good luck.