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I'm a Pakistani Wife of a divorced U.S. Citizen he applied for my I-130 in December 2012 its in initial review since 2 months

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He applied it from Texas in December 2012 , we've got the notice of action 1 & 2 , now how much longer will it take for the process to complete and after the decision what will be the next step ? will his divorce become a hindrance in the case's approval ?

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He should have sent a certified copy of the divorce decree to show that he was free to marry. The I-130 takes on average about six months to complete. If you are abroad, the next step will be paying the fees and submitting the necessary documents to the NVC so they can schedule an appointment at the Consulate. If you are in the US, then you should talk to an attorney about adjusting your status in the US.

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As long as he was legally divorced before he married you, the divorce should not keep them from approving your case.

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If he sponsored the ex-wife and not too much time passed, it may be problematic. The other attorneys gave you the time frame for the process

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