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I'm a Merchant Seaman in the US Merchant Marines. I April of 2010 I was told by my Union Doctor says I had ITP .

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After going though Chemotherapy and a bone marrow byoptsy she told me I was a candidate for SSI. She gave me a letter saying I can not work due to high bleeding problems.
Now she says I can do Light Duty. I asked for a second opinion and the new doctor says I can do anyting I want as long as I don't go back to Sea. They took Retaliation against me, saying I
was angry that I can't collect SSI. The new doctor blamed my condition on "Ship Policy" which I didn't understand. I told him there is no such thing as "Ship Policy" and that I had 2 companies that wanted to hire me full time. I got up and started to leave the consultation because he wasn't interested in what I had to say! I also told him I had bleeding thru my rectum and nose a condition from ITP. He didn't care. I left.

the consultation. He placed in my records that I was gong to sue for MalPractice. I never said any such thing. I told him I was going to complain which I'm trying to do. I have been sailing the high seas all my life and never had a problem. I think it's unfair they can take my livelyhood away at the flick of the pen and laugh about it.

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Merchant Marines disability issues are not covered under the UCMJ or under VA benefits. These cases fall under the Jones Act. The Jones Act is federal maritime law that regulates the legal responsibilities of vessel operators and marine employers in the event of the work-related injury or death of an employee.

Your issue should be addressed by an attorney who practices in the area of the Jones Act. As such, I've added your quesion to the Admiralty/Maritime section.

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