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I'm 19 years. US citizen and my boyfriend is 25, out of status,an international student, can he adjust his status in the USA?

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I'm 19, US Citizen, and my boyfriend is 25, he's been going to school for 5 semesters and he is now out of school( out of status) for 3 semesters due to financial issues, he never applied for reinstatement ( his driver license and I-20 is valid until December 2014) We know each other for almost a year,We wanna get married in April and file for green card in July but Here is my problem, I never worked before and I'm unemployed, don't go to school or file tax returns , I have a 2 years babe with my ex boyfriend and my babe and I live in Section 8 housing since February.,Can I add my boyfriend on the lease when we get married or if it's not possible can we just live together without his name on lease ? and Is that gonna be possible for me to sponsor him for the green card?

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Only if he becomes your husband. As to section 8, you already asked that question before. You need to contact an attorney in TX who deals with specific section 8 rules. They differ from state to state.

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As long as there is not another ground of inadmissibility, then he should be able to adjust after your marriage.

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Once you are married, your husband would be eligible for adjustment of status. You will be able to sponsor him, but you will need a joint sponsor for the I-864 Affidavit of Support because you are not working.



I have one more question: If we don't "a lease showing joint tenancy of a common residence" because he is out of status, will the application for green card be denied?