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I'm 17 years old and was arrested for possession of marijuana is there anyway to get it off my record?

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I was charged with a Class B misdemeanor because my friend had 8 grams of marijuana in his car and all three of us were charged with the same thing since no one took blame for it. This is my first time getting any trouble so is there any way I can clear it off my record I'm graduating this year and have made plans for college I really need to get this cleared up.

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Here are the basics. You do not know the law, so you need a lawyer. If you are financially unable to afford a lawyer, the court is supposed to appoint one to represent you IF YOU ASK. Criminal law is complex and technical. Even as a high school senior headed to college, you do not have much of a chance defending yourself. You really do need a lawyer.

Many prosecutor's offices have diversion programs for first offense misdemeanor marijuana possession defendants.

Most criminal defense lawyers do not charge for the first visit. You need to consult a few in your community for guidance specific to the court where you are being prosecuted.

And, you also need to know that conviction for possession of drugs leads to a driver's license suspension, so do not take this case lightly.

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There are several ways to get the case dismissed and off of your record. You need to consult some defense attorneys in your area so they can review the facts of your case in more detail. Most offer free consultations. I would start calling around as soon as possible.

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If your case is dismissed under certain circumstances you can eventually apply to expunge your record. Get a good attorney on board to help.

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