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I'm 17 on Intensive probation in Arizona and ran away to Mexico

Yuma, AZ |

Ok so im 17 and currently on intensive juvenile probation. I've been charged three or four times with weed charges cl. 6 felonies and another for running away another time before. While i was on probation i was a good kid and everything never really got that much in trouble i got a's and b's in school but i just got tired of having a 12pm mid-day curfew so i left. My question is if i turn myself in a month before i turn 18 will i get released and free to go on my b-day or get transferred to adult? Also what if my mom turns me in and tells the cops where im at? what will happen to her please give me some good advice i can't afford a lawyer

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You cannot be held beyond your 18th birthday because it sounds like all your cases have been resolved (you pled guilty or had a trial). If any of your cases have not been resolved , then it would be possible for the State to wait until you are 18 and then charge you in adult court.