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I'm 16 I've never met my father. My question is does he have any rights over me? Also is he subject to pay child support?

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He was involved when he conceived me. He has 3 other kids one older then me. Although he did want to somehow be involved when I was born I moved to the states with my mother. I don't fully blame him for not being in my life, but he had many ways of finding me and being part of it. He lives in Ecuador at the moment. I'm going off to college soon and I've done pretty well for myself. I'm only considering meeting him to meet my siblings. Can he take me away from my mom or force me to spend time with him? Also considering he's never paid child support would there be a way to get any financial help from him? I'm not saying that in a I want money kinda way but in a I need money for college and he's never done anything to help anyway. Thank you for your help.

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Hello! I would like to say "congratulations for your college acceptance!" Your mom or you can file for college contribution or child support but the fact that he resides in Ecuador may present some jurisdictional problems. Schedule a consultation with a family lawyer, so you can get a thorough evaluation of your situation. Many of us provide free consultations for students.

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Avvo has a terrific "find a lawyer" tool so you can find a local lawyer within a couple miles of your house.


Normally you would be able to seek contribution for college from your father. However the fact that he is in Ecuador presents serious difficulties in actually getting anything from him. You may be able to get an order for child support here in NJ but getting it enforced in Ecuador would be difficult.
You should consult with someone familiar with international family law

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You sound like a very bright, well adjusted teenager.
it is unlikely that he would want to take you away at this time due to his past history of absence.
If you are unsure speak to him directly ask him him intentions and state directly you are not interested in living with him. If you still have some trepidation do not meet him until you are an adult (18 o 17 depending on your State) when he can not legally do anything.

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