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I'm 15 & he's 20.

Fond Du Lac, WI |

Okay so, I've been dating my boyfriend for 6 months now ,and we're in a long distance relationship but he's coming down here soon, so I have 2 questions.. can we get in trouble for dating & if he were to get me pregnant would he get trouble?

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Yes and Yes.

You are 15 he is 20. He needs to find another girlfriend. You need to find somebody to date your own age. End this "long distance" relationship immediately. Talk with your parents or school counselor about him if he does not agree to voluntarily terminate it.

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Having sexual contact with you is a felony (and that means even touching your butt or breast). If you get pregnant the state as definitive proof of a large felony. He would also be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Do this guy a favor and get a boyfriend your own age.

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Chad Russell Thomas

Chad Russell Thomas


I'll just add that it's a Class C Felony. That's 40 years, a maximum 25 years in prison and 15 of extended supervision. And yes, that's for touching, too. And yes, they do send people to long terms of prison for this.


It might be VERY hard to see right now but a 20-year old who is dating a 15-year old is NOT A GOOD IDEA. It might seem neat as a 15-year old but you will see before you get too much older that there is something seriously wrong with someone that age dating someone that much younger that early in life. ANY sexual contact between the two of you is a felony precisely to protect people your age from people like him. We're a reasonably free country and yet very few people would have any qualms about a statute which might throw this guy in prison for a few years. You might not see it now but you SHOULD break it off with this guy given just the very basic information you have provided to us.

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I would add to the other answers that depending upon the content of any email, text, facebook messages and the like, your boyfriend could also be charged with using a computer to facilitate sex with a minor. Another felony....

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