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I'm 14 years old my dad was deported 6 years ago, how to get him back legally?

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I'm 14 and my dad being deported six years ago, has taken a tole on my family, leaving my mom to provide for 3 children. my father was deported because of failure to completely apply for an American citizen ship. he was deported back to Gambia, west Africa he was a good Samaritan when he lived in America however. we've went through many lawyer's who can't help us with such a tough case. please, I'm asking for help, I'm young but I'm determined to get him back to the states legally. thank you.

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This is unfortunate. The explanation that was given to you is probably the best way to explain. If a foreign born permanent resident, who lives in the U.S. does not get their citizenship, then they may get deported. Usually, deportation is due to an immigration violation. Sometimes, there is no way to undo a deportation.

An immigration violation can be based upon a particular criminal conviction. Deportation can be based upon the green card or foreign visa holder violating a law that Congress has decided should result in deportation. If your family has gone though many lawyers, then some may have quickly told your family what they should know, while others found a reason to charge fees to take time to look into the situation.

If you are determined, then you may want to complain to members of Congress to explain the exact situation. Send to as many Congressman as you can about what exactly happened. You can find their websites and e-mail addresses at Maybe a few Congressmen will pay attention and do something that helps you among others, who have lost parents to deportation. Maybe you can find other kids who lost parents to deportation orders to help you. If you are determined, you may want to organize a support group.

Maybe, you should plan to eventually run for U.S. Congress, where you are disappointed with them. Even if you do, there still must be a majority of U.S. Representatives and Senators with the consent of the President to support a change in law.


I am sorry to hear about this situation. I know the deportation of a family member is a very difficult situation for a family to get through.

You have not included many important details that an attorney would need to answer your questions. For example, what is your status and the status of your family members? Why was your father deported? Was there a criminal charge or immigration violation involved? These and other details would be necessary to give you the best answers on whether it may be possible to get your father back to the United States.

Please feel free to call me to schedule a consultation if you would like to talk in detail about your case.

I strongly advise consulting with an immigration attorney before filing any papers with immigration, particularly if the person for whom you are filing has any past negative immigration or criminal history and is in the United States. There is always a risk of removal from the United States.

Good luck to you and your family.

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