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I'm 100% disabled and 100% unable to ever work again

Henderson, NV |

I get $715.00 a month and the judge in Nebraska has set my support at $486.98 and I just dont have enough to live on and I sure dont know of anyone that can live on that. What can I do? I've signed up for lawyer services and I'm also on medicaid I need help. This woman I am married to has cheated on me and thats the reason I'm not in Nebraska anymore I'm getting help from my first ex-wife she has helped me get all this disability and medicaid and now it's being taken away and I have almost nothing again. Please help me!!!!

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I am not sure I understand the question, but I am aware of many people who live on $1,000/month or less . . . some of them with 1 or more children. If you are currently married, and getting a divorce, you need to seek spousal support/alimony under the laws of the state where you are getting the divorce. If that is Nebraska, you need to seek assistance from a Nebraska attorney to find out how things work there. If you are losing your disability and welfare benefits for some reason, you need to find out how to get them reinstated or awarded from an alternative source (such as social security). You may be eligible for low income housing, but if not, then you need to share housing with someone or get a very small studio apartment, perhaps with utilities included. You should qualify for food bank subsidies, which will stretch your grocery dollars. There are resources out there, you just have to seek them out.

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Contact Goodwill. They have great programs that can make almost anyone able to work. If you can type this question, you can enter the workforce and improve your financial situation through their program.


I think what you are saying is that your disability payment is $715.00 a month and that a judge has ordered you to pay $486.98 from that amount in support. I think some pieces of the story are missing here, or were not put before the judge. The best thing for you to do is talk to a family law attorney in Nebraska as soon as possible.