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I'm eight months pregnant and I have a warrant for driving without my license. Should I turn myself in

Las Vegas, NV |

Bail is set for 1400, should I turn myself in. I'm also high risk and have a c section in 3 weeks. Will I be released before then

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You should have an attorney file the appropriate paperwork with the court and make the necessary argument to the court to help you avoid arrest/jail.



Okay, that's good, but I'm on a fixed income and cannot afford an attorney let alone a baby crib. What would happen if I turned myself in. Would I be released after I see a judge, or would I have to stay to pay off the fine


You should contact an attorney, you might be able to make arrangements as to when or whether you have to surrender. It's a better option then merely turning yourself in while you are in the current high-risk state you are in.


If you have an outstanding warrant, you could find yourself arrested from the hospital after you give birth when your baby will need you most. Hire an attorney to help you file the necessary paperwork to help you.

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If you are less than three times in warrant, you can hire a lawyer to quash the warrant and get you on a payment plan. Your only other option is to simple go to jail. Your pregnancy is irrelevant. You can give birth in the Clark County Detention Center, because they have a medical facility. If they arrest you after the birth, they will simply send your child with CPS.

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