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I lost some of my pay stubs when I was moving. And I want to take my ex employer to small claims court for unpaid wages he owe.

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I quit my job 9/05/13 because my employer was continuosly taking weeks in the hole out of my paychecks. I work wth the company for 5 months. The company was a cleaning service that contracted different projects. When I first started, I work for 4 weeks and 5 days without pay. When I finally got my first check I was only paid for 2 weeks. When he clearly stated that he only take one week in the hole. I let it slide because work was hard to find. I work for one of their projects for 3 months. Then I started another one of their projects a week later. Once again another week in the hole was taking.But I kept working like a fool. 2 months past I got another paycheck and once again the same thing.That was the straw. Now I want to take him to court but lost some of my stubs so I really need help

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I understand that you may want to sue in small claims court because there is not a lot of money at stake and so it may not be of interest to an attorney. But in most states, small claims procedures limit your ability to require the other side to produce documents, which you may need because you have lost your own documents. So this may not be the best procedure for you. Also, keep in mind that whatever the employer did to you, it probably did to other workers too. In some states an employer who withholds wages may be required to pay additional money and/or your attorney's fees. Finally, employers who fail to pay workers sometimes set up different companies to hide their income, and you would benefit from some advice about whom to sue.
For all these reasons, you should try to talk to an employment lawyer about this problem before deciding how to proceed.

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