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I lost my passport. I just realized that I lost somewhere my passport.

Austin, TX |

I lost my passport. I just realized that I lost somewhere my passport. I just applied for H1B, if I approved get approved for H1B I will get a new I-94. if my H1b is not selected in lottery, I will not get H1B or new I-94. I am planing to study PHD here in US if I dont get H1B. can someone suggest me what I have to do?
Do I get my F1 visa copy back with new passport if I go through the all process to get a new passport ?
Inoder to get F1 on my new passport I do have to travel outside of US ? Right now I'm in OPT, planing to join in university for PHD if I dont get H1b.

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I'm sorry to hear you lost your passport. You should file a police report for your passport if you think it was stolen. After you have your passport replaced, if you are chosen for the H-1B, when you leave the USA after your H-1B is activated in October 2014 you will need to get an H-1B visa before you reenter the USA. If you choose instead to remain in school, you can speak to your school officer about issuing a new I-20 for the new PhD program. If you decide to travel, then you will need to discuss the timing of your travel along with applying for a new F-1 visa in your new passport. Good luck.

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thank you for help..So there is no way I can get my existing f1 copy on my new passport with in US, My existing F1 has 2 more years expiration date. Does this impact negatively changes of getting H1b stamped or F1 stamped for PhD.

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