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I lost my parental rights, how can I get them back and contest the adoption or possible adoption of one of my two sons.

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I gave birth to twins on 06/06/06, they were two months pre-mature. One died only after a month or two of trying to survive. I then lost the surviving son to the state and he was placed in foster care.I went to court and was ordered to get my own place to live, a job, and go back to school. I got my own place and a job, but never got my child back. Then in 04.0708 I gave birth to another son and lost him only after a few weeks of having him at home with me. How can I contest the adoption of one or both of my sons and get them back. What is the statue of limitation in the state of Indiana on contesting an adoption of two children when you did what the court ordered you to do, and your case workers didn't really want you have them because I was 18 and then 19 years old at the time?

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If your parental rights were terminated as part of a court action, the only way to change that result is to appeal that determination to a higher court. It cannot be reversed once the termination is complete unless you have a court overrule the court order terinating those rights.


If the adoption was more than one year ago, you will not be able to challenge the adoption. Even a motion to vacate would not be helpful.

Even when you do everything the state wants you to, children may not be returned to your care. The state may feel that you took too long to complete services or that you jumped through the hoops. Courts also have to look at the child's best interests too. Federal laws really put the pressure on achieving permanency as early as possible.

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